Dear Internet


I’ve been away for awhile, grad school and life be crazy. But I’m back with a vengeance. You have no idea how much amazing shit I’ve got backlogged for you. December’s gonna be awesome!



Guess I Should Write Something on it


Him: But you’re a better writer than me anyway.

Me: Doubtful, how would you even know that?

Him: *long pause and blank stare* Umm…you have a blog

Me: Oh…

What a World


“A Louisiana man arrested yesterday for driving around a Walmart parking lot with his penis exposed explained to cops that “he gets aroused” when visiting the retail giant, according to a police report.”

Either he’s REALLY into low prices and poor treatment of employees or he’s a Mr. Ghetto fan.

[The Smoking Gun]

My Mom on Assholes


Me: So I told him that sometimes in life it’s okay to be an asshole

Mom: Well that is a very important part of the anatomy and though you don’t use it all the time, when it’s time to use it, it’s just time.

What I’m listening to right now


Combining all my favorite elements of my two favorite albums from 2010.

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Odd Future visits Detroit


From the Stereogum comments:

“Is it any surprise that Detroit drove out a bunch of pussies from LA who run their mouth and tell immature ghost stories? At the end of the day I’ll take anyone from Detroit in a fight.”

And my personal favorite:

“Detroit is too hyphe for odd future.”


Why My Parents are Awesome Role-Models


Phone call from Cancun

Me: “Hey Dad, what are you doing?”

Him: “Oh I’m just sitting here by the pool watching the pretty women go by”

Me: Laugh, “Oh, okay, where’s Mom?”

Him: “She’s sitting right here, watching the men go by”

Why You Must Follow Dr. Ruth on Twitter


Lance Armstrong says that the right response to high gas prices is to ride your bike. I say stay home and ride your partner!

Good to Know!


Starbucks is offering half-off any Frappuccinos May 6th- May15th during Happy Hour (3pm-5pm)