A Playlist

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1. The Roots: Kool On

The thing I love about The Roots is that I love their albums more with each listen. It’s not that it’s not love at first listen, just that with each listen the subtleties and nuances become more apparent. Anyway, this track has been in heavy rotation due primarily to Greg Porn’s wordplay in the first verse. Continue reading

Song of The Day

Unfortunately, the audio is live and not so clear audio, but it’s Bon Iver covering Björk’s “Who Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right)”!!!


We already know Justin Vernon covers songs like nobody’s business and this is an absolutely gorgeous and jazz flavored take on the original. And of course it’s Björk so the lyrics are perfect. Here’s the original:


Song of the Day

From the Adult Swim singles program, here’s How to Dress Well with Us in the Sense of Forever”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Song of the MuthaF’g Day

As if the original wasn’t good enough, Major Lazer remixed the Beastie Boys’ single “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win,” featuring Santigold. Hot damn. Excuse me while I go shake my ass somewhere.

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Song/Interesting Concept of the Day

The concept, take your favorite quotes from your favorite songs/rappers and turn those lines into a coherent verse. I could do with less exposition from Face the Music and definitely naming every damn rapper after the line. As Zadie Smith would say, remove the damn scaffolding. But bonus points for creativity and effort. It’s Face’s song but as he tends to do, Skyzoo steps up and busts it wide open

Song of the Day

Jaguar Wright has one of the best voices in the game without the career to match. Here’s hoping this single will push her to where she needs to be

Music Round-Up

Classic Kanye

Funny as hell with some real truth and emotion just under the surface. Continue reading

Song of the Day

I ❤ Killer Mike. And hot damn does he go Dead Prez on that ass with “Burn”

All I can say is damn. Go buy the album. Support.


Biggie Makes it to the American Academy of Poets

via Adrian Brody