Fucked Up Shit: November-December Edition

1. Florence + The Machine, “No Light, No Light” Video

Yo, Florence, girl, you know I love your music, but this shit is pretty fucked up. I mean you start with blackface, then he’s a voodoo priest? AND THEN he’s the scary black man chasing the white woman down the street. You really could’ve put the song behind a trailer of Birth of a Nation and saved everyone time and money. AND you are saved at the end by a bunch of white people? Jesus.

2. Steve Harvey

Seriously, Steve Harvey can kiss my whole “single black woman” asshole.  Here’s the thing, my father has never once attempted to tell me how to be a woman. What he (and my mother) did do was raise me to be a well-rounded, independent thinker with the ovaries to speak up, say no and set limits, find my place in the world and try to leave it a little better than I found it. I mean, I’ve never been interested in being a well-behaved lady so I figured it wasn’t meant for me and let it go as another Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (with just as much credibility as John Gray), but what in the fresh misogynistic hell is this shit:

Or as Jezebel put it: Think Like A Man Is Everything That Is Wrong With The World And Will Make You Want To Stab Your Eyeballs With A Fork

3. This bullshit:

Honestly, this shit is so stupid I can’t really work up enough energy to get terribly upset. Honestly, what the fuck is he talking about and what the fuck is he high on?

All of you, have a nice, tall, warm glass of shut the hell up and several seats.

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