My Favorite Things (Nerd Podcast Edition)

You may not know this, but I am a HUGE nerd. The two podcasts I’m obsessed with right now scratch three of my huge nerd itches. NPR, comedy and science.1. WTF with Marc Maron

I’ve talked about this podcast in general because it pushes my comedy button but the new episode features Ira Glass. I mean where else can you listen to the story of IRA “host of This American Life GLASS getting black out drunk and vomiting on himself. PLUS, he tells the story of his wife drunk dialing his cousin, Phillip Glass. Plus, the whole episode is funny as hell.

2. StarTalk Radio Show with Neil deGrasse Tyson

If you watch The Daily Show and/or The Colbert Show you know Neil deGrasse Tyson, he’s the astrophysicist who frequently appears on both shows and you might know him as the Pluto guy. If you aren’t familiar with him, his wikipedia page will surely make you feel inadequate and that you’ve wasted your life up to this point.

Anyway, Dr. Tyson has a podcast and it is AWESOME! I was introduced to the podcast through a post over at the hairpin. The first episode I listened to was a live episode featuring Scott Adsit, Kristin Schaal, Eugene Mirman and Alan Alda. It’s absolutely hilarious even if you aren’t into science. I highly recommend it, episodes in the archives include: The Physics of Superheroes and The Political Science of The Daily Show


Go ahead and take a listen.

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