Fake Ghostface Killah: Comedic Genius

I don’t know who this is, but they are a comedic genius. Someone has been blogging as Ghostface Killah and it is f’g hilarious. The blog was temporarily pulled down after Wu-Tang’s corporate arm (how weird/dope is that?) objected to a Watch the Throne review. The complete review is high comedy and contains choice bits like:

  • “This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b”
  • “the least he can do is make sure that Swizzy dont go near the booth yo. Ayo Snoop Budden…nobody gon need to hear you gettin ya “One hand in the air if you dont really care” on durin the hooks to no joints ever ever ever again son”
  • “Drake said he gon soak in his lotion pool to this shit rite here for like a week son. …I heard this shit gon be used for the next Gwyneth Paltrow movie too.”
  • “you might as well jus swap that wit some old shit that AINT softer than Game’s emotions b.”
  • “I think Jay n Ye better cut that shit out before it becomes a trend for these lame muthafuckas to start havin “featuring (insert dead artist here)” on they joints too b.”

All of that is great, and had me laughing out loud, but what put me over the top was his take down of everyone’s favorite actor turned rapper, Drake:

“By now yall probably heard bout how this nigga Aubrey actin like he jus gon start catchin bodies if niggas keep talkin greasy bout him. Nah this aint a joke….the nigga actually said that shit son. First off… unless he talmbout catchin bodies how Patrick Swayze had to catch the broad at the end of Dirty Dancing….he need to get the fuck outta here. Im sayin like the shit in the picture rite here son…”
I can’t…at all.

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