Last Night at Millennium Park

Last night, I went to what I thought would simply be a Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras concert. Well, it was a CYSO concert but as the show began I realized that they were being fronted by this woman playing electric guitar with an amazing voice that was at once arresting, haunting and awe-inspiring. Turns out the concert was in fact, My Brightest Diamond with Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras and it was amazing. I almost left because of the rain and the wet seats in Millennium Park and I’m so glad I stayed. As I sat there in the rain this voice and the music brought me close to tears more than once. I can’t put into words the places that this concert took me, but I think I fell in love last night. I mean, I’m so sick of people covering my beloved Nina’s “Feeling Good” that I damn near vomit every time Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers commercial comes on (and I know it’s not her fault, that blame rests at the feet of Michael Buble)

At this point you’re probably wondering who the hell or what the hell is My Brightest Diamond? So glad you asked, My Brightest Diamond is the “experimental pop moniker” of Shara Worden. Shara is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and she’s done a lot of cool shit with a lot of cool artists. I’m not going to try and explain it just watch the video. 

The album with this song will be released on October 18. But I’m already eyeing her last project Letters to Distant Cities.

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