Shop at Divine Rags

One of my favorite things about visiting a new city are local advertisements. I worked in sales in a former life and the thing that always amazed me were the clients that tried to do something and fell just (or way) short of the mark. The most common “idea” was to take an existing commercial and copy it. Because that’s always funny. Witness this commercial from Divine Rags in Memphis.  Continue reading

Fake Ghostface Killah: Comedic Genius

I don’t know who this is, but they are a comedic genius. Someone has been blogging as Ghostface Killah and it is f’g hilarious. The blog was temporarily pulled down after Wu-Tang’s corporate arm (how weird/dope is that?) objected to a Watch the Throne review. The complete review is high comedy and contains choice bits like:

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Who Gon’ Stop Me?

Since Watch the Throne is on Spotify, I’m checking it out ahead of schedule. I haven’t listened to it enough to say anything other than it sounds pretty good. But when I get to track 9, “Who Gon’ Stop Me?” I can’t help but think of this:

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Truth from ?uestlove


Of course there are some laws I’ve applied to my life in this lane I’ve decided to travel. 1st and foremost is the only mofos in my circle are people that I CAN LEARN FROM.

I believe THAT is the first and foremost rule to a successful life. you are going to be as educated and successful as the 10 most frequented people you call/text on your phone. seriously. does the truth hurt? is there an oz. of truth to it?

Go check your call log, don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Umm…Yeah…So This Happened

Normally, I don’t post on the weekend, but this could not wait until Monday. Continue reading

What a World


“A Louisiana man arrested yesterday for driving around a Walmart parking lot with his penis exposed explained to cops that “he gets aroused” when visiting the retail giant, according to a police report.”

Either he’s REALLY into low prices and poor treatment of employees or he’s a Mr. Ghetto fan.

[The Smoking Gun]

Quote of the Day


A friend pointed out this quote in an ad for Chris Matthews’ show while perusing my Rolling Stone. Thought I’d share it.

“Over time, people who advance liberties tend to win the argument, whether it’s for women, African Americans, immigrants or the gay community. In the end, America takes the side of the people looking for rights. That’s one of the wonders of this country. Eventually, we live up to our ideals.”  – Chris Matthews

I’m really hoping that this is true.


I’ve talked about artists covering songs before in this space but mostly in very specific instances. However, I’ve been thinking about what makes cover successful or unsuccessful. I’m sure it comes down to a few things and at the risk of sounding like Simon Cowell back in his American Idol days here are my thoughts and examples.

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Last Night at Millennium Park

Last night, I went to what I thought would simply be a Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras concert. Well, it was a CYSO concert but as the show began I realized that they were being fronted by this woman playing electric guitar with an amazing voice that was at once arresting, haunting and awe-inspiring. Continue reading