‎”If you’re fierce, they can’t touch you.” – David Blair (Updated)

Blair performing "Into Darkness" (Photo by Kaitlin Thoresen/Central Michigan Life Photographer)

You know those people in your life who are you aren’t close enough with to call them a friend, but they are a friend to people very close to you. People whose acquaintance you are genuinely pleased to have met. You don’t know them well but you know that they are amazing and you’re always happy to see them and you’re sure that one day you’ll get closer to them. One of those people in my life passed away this weekend and I’m simultaneously coming to grips with the fact that he’s gone, mourning his death in my own way and doing the best I can to support those who he meant the world to who mean the world to me.

David Blair, or Blair was an amazing musician, poet, all around artist and friend. He was one of those people who always smiled broadly and laughed fully. He had a dark sense of humor (a haiku: “Pissing outside in / Arizona is like a / hand-job from Satan.”), talent that oozed from his pores and was just a great person to be around. The times I spent with him and other friends where I was the odd non-musician or poet out, he always sensed when I felt left out and found a way to bring me back into the conversation. He was warmth and light

I keep finding myself back on his Facebook page, where friends are leaving remembrances, thoughts and condolences. The videos and quotes are from there,

“And you changed me today, I just want you to know/your defiance in the face of death has given me hope/And if they insist on always taking me on then why should I lay low/If they’re gonna hang me on my own words may as well be sure to give em enough rope” – Enough Rope

Rest in Peace and Thank You.

Blair’s family and friends have set up a website with information about Blair’s memorial on Sunday in Detroit and a way to contribute to the David Blair Memorial Fund, which will help his family cover expenses, please go here: http://dblair.org/ Any funds raised beyond those initial needs, will go into a fund in Blair’s name to help artists in need of healthcare. Thank you.

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