My Favorite Things

Here are some things that I’m digging right now that don’t quite warrant a separate post.

1. Louie

Louis C.K. is one of my favorite current comedians and in a lot of ways, a comedic genius. His show Louie will air the fourth episode of its second season tonight on FX and its definitely worth the watch. In developing the show, Louis negotiated for complete creative control in exchange for a smaller budget. It is definitely worth it. As a warning, this is not Community or Parks & Recreation gut-busting funny. As he does with his stand-up, Louie manages to walk a darkly comedic line that sometimes crosses over to one side or the other. However all of it, as with the best comedy, reaches a deeper often darker truth, whether that truth is about family relationships, religion, Louis C.K. himself or if he’s holding the mirror up to us, the viewers, the truth is there. It’s great show and highly recommended. There are three episodes from season 1 available on hulu and netflix is promising availability of the complete season soon. Check it out

2. Gojee

Lifehacker describes Gojee this way:

If you like food porn, you will love Gojee.

I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat and most of my love for cooking is based on finding new recipes to try and making them work. My love for Gojee is two-fold. First, the photography or food porn portion. One of the great things about food is when it looks delicious. If you can get me there, I’ll probably try it. Second, the “I Dislike”, “I Crave” and “I Have” features. I’m allergic to nuts, so the ability to filter that out in the recipes that come up is appreciated. Also, I’ve been having a 5 month, on-again, off-again love affair with goat cheese, so that goes in the “I Crave” box. And as any cook knows, the worst thing is to get knuckle deep in a recipe and realize that you don’t have something, hence, “I Have”

3. WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

Another of my favorite comedians, Marc Maron has an amazing podcast that’s been around for a few years. While Maron is a comedian, he also had a few stints on Air America as a host. I only mention this because I think it must be where he honed his interviewing skills, which are stupendous. The podcast takes different forms but primarily comes in two flavors: The laugh out loud hilarious live shows where Maron invites about 4 or 5 comedians and interviews them in front of a live audience. And the deeply personal and often introspective shows where Maron invites a comedian into his garage to discuss their friendship, their lives and their comedy. If you’re a comedy nerd, you’ll love this podcast. But you’ll also love it if you just want to listen to people talk about what makes them tick in an open and honest way.

4. Music Beta by Google

Music Beta by Google is far from perfect, but it does address a lot of my issues around accessing my music on the go. How does it work you ask? Well, google allows me to upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud and access it from any computer by signing into my account or on my Android phone through their app. This is the part that is extremely helpful for me when I’m trying to listen to music while I’m on the go, either in the car or navigating public transit. Before, I was restricted to the available space on my phone for music and I had to share that space with apps and whatnot. My music library is currently clocking in around 40gigs of space, streaming allows me to access whatever song or playlist I want from my phone as long as my connection is decent. That said, Spotify is launching in the states today so I might have jumped ship by Friday. But for now, Music Beta does the trick.

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