Hurray for Straight Male Privilege!!!

There is so much fuckedupness going on in this rant. Homophobia, ageism and underneath it all a misplaced expectation that any woman should sleep with him without him having any redeeming qualities. Top that all off with not understanding how to work the airplane controls since he mistakingly broadcasted the rant to every airplane Houston Center air traffic control frequency.

Cece Cox, the CEO of Resource Center Dallas, which advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues puts it best, “This individual has made statements that are anti-woman, anti-age, and anti-gay in a way that can’t be disputed and they’re hateful and they’re damaging to the employees of Southwest Airlines as well as consumers of Southwest Airlines.”

He’s currently suspended without pay and has been ordered to attend sensitivity training. Southwest, fire his ass.

[the daily]

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