Public Service Announcement

Attn: All Men. Your suit was not tailored for your hands to be in your pockets. For heavens sake, take them out when you pose for a picture. You look ridiculous. That is all.



2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Q,

    Generally, you make a fine point. Your readers (Read: ME) need a photo for context. I can appreciate your desire not to put someone on “front-street”, but readers wanna know the score…

    I really appreciate your service…


    • Done! While this was inspired by some unfortunate facebook pictures, I have provided photos for context.

      To be fair, the hand in the pocket is not always terrible, if you do the turn the the side arm around date’s waist other hand in pocket, but the face the camera with hands in pockets just totally destroys the lines of the suit and make the wearer look unnecessarily hippy.

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