A List of Things I Would Find Sexier than a Crotch Shot

Inspired by Anthony Weiner’s twitter crotch woes, The Washington Post went out and hit the streets to find how effective crotch shots really are in wooing the ladies. I’ve always wondered if this has ever worked. A few months back, I went on date with a guy that I thought went reasonably well until he sent the chest pic. Dead in the water. As a service, here, in order, is a list of body parts more likely to get you laid by QtheQuidnunc than an unsolicited crotch or chest shot

10. Knee

9. Thumb

8. Shin

7. Pinky Toe

6. Forearm

5. Elbow

4. Earlobe

3. Calf

2. Right Eye

1. “I would like to see a photo of a man who has organized his books alphabetically and by genre,” Sara Monsef (Not a body part, but so damn sexy!)

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