Internet Round-Up

Attorney General Eric Holder speaks for all of us

“I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of ‘The Wire’,” Holder said, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. “That’s actually at a minimum. … If you don’t do a season, do a movie.  We’ve done HBO movies, this is a series that deserves a movie. I want another season or I want a movie. I have a lot of power Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon.”


It’s an Age Old Cycle, Black People are Scary, Police Shoot Black People, City Tries to Figure out How to Keep Scary Black People Away

As we discussed last week, Miami Beach was paralyzed by fear and terror regarding the arrival of a couple hundred-thousand black people in town over Memorial Day Weekend. Well, they came, they went to Busta Rhymes’ birthday party and only a few people were shot. By the police.

As near as anyone can tell, cops came up on a “stalled car” with guns out and shot up the car, claiming the driver had a gun. Twelve police officers likely shot four bystanders, definitely killed the driver and three officers were mildly injured.

They did not find a weapon in the car, however.

So of course today the City Council is meeting to decide what to do to keep black people from coming around.


How to Survive the Modern Break-Up

We’ve talked about how to get past the heartache, but in the digital age, how do you make a technological break.

Breaking up sucks. It’s painful, complicated, and makes you listen to sad MP3s. And technology—Facebook, texting, email—only makes things more complicated. So how do you navigate 21st-century heartbreak? We talked to some experts to find out.


Act and Speak With the End Result in Mind

Oftentimes, in creative projects, we act out of impulse rather than reason. Shiny objects and other fleeting fascinations have a tendency to drain our resources. Before you allocate time to any task, question your intended outcome. The same goes for your contributions in meetings. When you speak, are you “content-making” or simply “commentating”? Be intentional. Everything you do or say should move the ball forward toward your goal. If it doesn’t, it is liable to waste precious energy and get you off track.

[The 99 Percent via Lifehacker]

A Bit of Encouragement to Get You Through the Rest of The Week


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