Song of the Day

From the Adult Swim singles program, here’s How to Dress Well with Us in the Sense of Forever”.

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“Butterfly in the Sky”


I don’t know when and where this will be held, but QtheQuidnunc will be participating in the Reading Rainbow Flash Mob! So frikkin’ excited!!!!!


Hurray for Straight Male Privilege!!!

There is so much fuckedupness going on in this rant. Homophobia, ageism and underneath it all a misplaced expectation that any woman should sleep with him without him having any redeeming qualities. Top that all off with not understanding how to work the airplane controls since he mistakingly broadcasted the rant to every airplane Houston Center air traffic control frequency.

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Music & Father’s Day

There are a few things I’m absolutely positive I got from my father: My flat feet, my skinny calves and my love of music. Probably because of this, some of the important relationships in my life have been forged over music. Continue reading


Almost as interesting as the study is the fact that the journal article is titled “Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing” while Tufts University’s own press release headline and the concept that most media outlets have run with is, “Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks” a subtle difference but an instance where, in the subtlety lies the difference between greatly ignorant and fucked up and “hmm, that’s an interesting and skewed toward fucked up view of racism.” But guess which one gets you more eyeballs?

Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing

Degrees Can’t Teach You Class

One would think that since this woman is so well-educated, she would know that crazy and well-educated are not mutually exclusive.


Song of the MuthaF’g Day

As if the original wasn’t good enough, Major Lazer remixed the Beastie Boys’ single “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win,” featuring Santigold. Hot damn. Excuse me while I go shake my ass somewhere.

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Song/Interesting Concept of the Day

The concept, take your favorite quotes from your favorite songs/rappers and turn those lines into a coherent verse. I could do with less exposition from Face the Music and definitely naming every damn rapper after the line. As Zadie Smith would say, remove the damn scaffolding. But bonus points for creativity and effort. It’s Face’s song but as he tends to do, Skyzoo steps up and busts it wide open