Song of the Day

Well Damn. I’m not going to say anything but I’ll let okayplayer set the stage.

While Bilal fans may still be dripping steam from his recent Ladies Night/Date Night show at SOBs, we get to see a very different side of the singer on “Little One.” You can file this between “God Said” and “Rent” in the folder of mounting evidence that writing about real-life struggles is going to produce something more inspiring than going to the ‘he-cheated/she-cheated’ r&b playbook. The song is based directly on Bilal’s personal experience raising a child with autism, which apparently touched his firstborn son (not to mention millions of other American kids). And for those of you (us) who actually have kids, it could be kind of a gutwrencher, be warned. Get into more Bilal by purchasing his current LP Airtight’s Revenge and learn more about what he’s singing about at AutismSpeaks.


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