Calvin Harris feat. Kelis: Bounce

I meant to post this a week ago. Oops! Slightly NSFW, female frontal at about the 3:39 mark.

Video of the Day: Erykah Badu

“Out My Mind, Just in Time” might be my favorite song from New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh. And this video for the first movement, released over the weekend, perfectly matches the stark, gorgeous simplicity of the song.


Mr. Ghetto: Wal-Mart

With respect to the last post, this song fails in terms of both form and content. I thought I was done at pantyhose but then came douche. I do love that it’s so New Orleans that “she’s making groceries” instead of buying them. Enjoy!

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What Makes a Song Great

Last night, I had a conversation that was on it’s face about Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers. But really about music in general and what makes a song, or album good or even great. For me, I look for my immediate, visceral reaction to a song, for him, “there are no failures of content, only failures of form.” Yeah, T3’s “Motor Freaks” isn’t deep like BlackStar’s “Respiration” but it grabs me in an entirely different way and they exist on their own merits.

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Rest In Peace Gil Scott-Heron

This might be misinterpreted, but if anyone has lived a life full enough to deserve an eternity of peace and rest, it’s Gil Scott-Heron. I had a discussion with a friend a few weeks ago about Gil. His singing voice at that thing that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. What’s amazing is that he took that voice and chose to say something with it (See “Message to the Messengers“). Continue reading

Music from Around the Interwebs

Internet Music Round Up, not quite song of the day, but damn good anyway.

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Song of the Day

Got Damn! Who knew a Mike Epps sample could be so damn effective. And those drums and synth chords? Mr. Porter went IN! Royce da 5’9″ and Eminem kill this track with no remorse. If this is what it sounds like when bad meets evil, count me all in. Listen and download after the jump. Continue reading

My Mom on Assholes


Me: So I told him that sometimes in life it’s okay to be an asshole

Mom: Well that is a very important part of the anatomy and though you don’t use it all the time, when it’s time to use it, it’s just time.

Management 101 with Stringer Bell & Prop Joe

In addition to the many life lessons that The Wire provided, there were also valuable lessons in effective management skills and styles.

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Week 5 Playlist

Let’s just jump into it.

1. Jai Paul: BTSTU

I touched on this earlier this week, but I cannot get away from this. First of all, you should know that if for some crazy reason I every end up on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and James Lipton asks me my favorite curse word, it will be without a doubt, fuck. So if you give me a song that starts with a falsetto voice singing, Don’t fuck with me. Umm yes. And then the chorus, I know I’ve been gone a long time but, I’m back and I want what is mine over a dubstep beat. Yes please.

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