Let’s Not Let this Get Too Serious

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All there is to be said about the royal wedding


If there was one common response worldwide to today’s proceedings, it was, “Man, those Brits sure do love their jacked-up hats, don’t they?” Old Black ladies in church on Easter Sunday would look at these hats and think, “Those white ladies are wearing some crazy hats!” Hats of the UK? We salute you today. How could we not?


Oh Shit!!! Aloe Blacc Covers 99 Problems!

I really think that one of the reasons I watched “How to Make it in America” last summer was the theme song “I Need a Dollar” love this guy. And this is HOT!


Just like miracles, knowledge is all around you


Just a reminder...always stay with your baby when using this table

This Week’s Playlist

Okay boys and girls. If you see me on the streets of Chicago with earbuds in, here are the song’s on the playlist. This is a carefully curated list of songs, not of necessarily what’s hot at the moment, but what I’m in the mood to hear. So without further ado:
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Jon Connor

Jon Connor – “Vent Session” » Connor, Vent, Session, LISTEN, Records, Shady » HipHopSite.com.

I feel grossly inadequate to describe what happens to me every time I hear this track. The flow is strong enough without a reference point, but knowing that he’s from Flint, MI and knowing what that is adds a whole new layer. Suffice it to say I pretty much lose it around, “I was born premature I been fighting my whole life” Listen to the track and buy his album when it drops.

Song of the Day


Karen O and Santigold on vocals + Q-Tip and Switch on Production = Unfuckwitable

What the hell’s a Quidnunc?

I’m so glad you asked.

quid·nunc noun \ˈkwid-ˌnəŋk\ : a person who seeks to know all the latest news or gossip Continue reading

My mom on contraceptives


“It’s so good that that people can have sex now without having kids. Because if not, people might not have sex and if you think people are crazy now…” – She does have a point